Advantages and disadvantages of an electric car

Buying an electric car

Do you want to buy a new car? Why not choose an electric car? Technological innovations, combined with supporting government regulations ensure that an electric car is equal to a fuel car. The sky is the limit of what you can do with your electric car. When driving electrically, you choose a sustainable lifestyle in which you try to limit your part in local, national and global pollution. It is a logical decision to take responsibility in sustainability efforts without having to limit your possibilities and level of luxury. Welcome to the world of electric driving.

In this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of electric driving. We will also discuss what to keep in mind when buying a second hand electric car.

The pros and cons of an electric car

Allow us to give you an honest perception on driving an electric car. For many people, the cons of electric driving overrule the pros. However, most of the times these perceptions are outdated. They have been overruled by new technological innovations and new government policies that stimulate and facilitate electric driving.

Advantages of electric carsadvantages electric car

Let’s start with the advantages of electric cars nowadays.

Economically attractive

In many countries, buying an electric car is an economical attractive decision. Governmental institutions might offer fiscal benefits, such as a lower taxes or tax refunds on the total price. It doesn’t stop there. Driving an electric car is cheaper than driving a non-electric car.

Fuel prices (electricity in the case of electric cars) are cheaper for electric cars than gas for non-electric cars. Also maintenance is cheaper compared to older fuel models.

Don’t underestimate the annual taxes for driving a car. Due to a lower pollution of electric cars, annual taxes tend to be quite a bit lower compared to non-electric cars.

Better for the environment

Driving an electric car means lower CO2 emissions, or no CO2 emissions at all. This is way better for the environment. By driving an electric car, you help in improving the pollution in your city or area.

Less noisy

Electric cars drive quieter. Technically, an electric car produces close to no noise. The reality is that electric cars produce artificial noise so people know a car is coming, as electric cars appear to be a bit too quiet. People still need to get used to electric cars.

Fast and furious

Especially newer models of electric cars are very fast. Within 3 seconds they can speed up to 100 km per hour. Electric cars are quite a nice toy.

Disadvantages of electric car

And then we can continue with the better known disadvantages of electric cars.

Charging the batterydisadvantages electric car

You always need to go to a special charging station to recharge the battery. Many users of electric cars will ensure you this disadvantage is not an important one at all. As a non-electric car needs to be refuelled, so does an electric car. Of course an electric car needs to be ‘refuelled’ more often. Many daily trips are very well possible within the battery range of an electric car, allowing you to charge the car during the night.

Battery charging, time and schedule

It requires planning and timing to charge the car properly. Depending on the model, you can drive between 100 miles and 200 miles with a fully charged battery. A normal charging time is around 5 hours, although fast charging options of 30 minutes or a short charging is possible.

Choosing to charge the car at night and perhaps during working hours therefor provides you with more than the necessary time to recharge your electric car.

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Limited speed

One cannot drive as fast as wanted with an electric car. Especially on long distances, to drive economically means to be able to drive more miles on a fully charged battery.

Battery as an environmental unfriendly object

A battery is actually not so environmental friendly. The production of a battery is in fact very polluting. However, a battery is by far not as polluting as burning petrol or diesel in your car every time you drive a car. Additionally, a battery is rechargeable (reusable). Petrol or diesel burns up entirely and leaves a very polluting substance in the air.

Every person should consider the advantages and disadvantages of an electric car in his or her personal situation.

How much does an electric car cost?

The cost of buying an electric car depends on your personal preferences. These days, both luxury, fast, affordable, family and exclusive electric cars are available on the market. What suits your lifestyle or driving preferences?

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The costs of buying an electric car might be higher than buying a non-electric car. However, other costs and benefits should also be taken into consideration to make the best decision. Tax reduction and subsidies might be available for you. The costs of driving and maintaining an electric car are much lower than a non-electric car. Additionally, many countries and regions offer annual tax reductions for electric cars.

Another option to reduce the costs of buying an electric car, is to buy a second hand electric car.

Buying a second hand electric car

To buy a second hand car might be a great way to avoid high costs of a new car. This is a well known fact in the car industry. As the sector of electric cars evolves, so do the possibilities of buying a second hand electric car.

You should take a number of issues into account when buying a second hand electric car. However, keep in mind that driving a car on fuel (like petrol or diesel) will become more expensive and less attractive in the near future.

We can assure you, therefor, that buying a second hand electric car has more advantages than disadvantages.

What to take into account when buying a second hand electric car?

Thanks to lease companies, many electric cars have been added to the second hand car market. However, a second hand electric car is only worth considering when the car in question is in perfect condition (this counts for every second hand car, though). More importantly, in the case of an electric second hand car the battery should still be a good condition. The battery is the most expensive part of the car. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to check the condition of the battery. Of course you could trust the word of the seller. Better, though, is to buy a second hand electric car from an official dealer.

Another option is to set up a battery report to check the strength of the battery. For example, by testing the strength of the battery or to test how far the car can drive on a full battery and how long it takes to fully charge the battery. The results can be compared with data from the manufacturer of the battery. If the battery is insufficient, this should be taken into account when drawing up the price of the second hand electric car.

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